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At least bears don’t get lost

With the risk of the beloved family pet going missing the precautions that owners take are varied in method and also in expense. The most expensive to date is that of global positioning systems commonly know as GPS.  This expensive method can be used to track the whereabouts of an animal just like it would for cars and motorbikes. With this growing predominance of fitting tracking devices to anything that can go missing this modern phenomenon is expensive is but efficient.

A cheap method to help find lost cats and other lost pets is that of the nameplate attached to collar of the pet. With the simple details of the name of the pet, owner and a contact number this method has been successful for years yet of course it does rely on the public spiritedness of the general public. Nametags can be bought from cobbler’s shops and key cutting shops like Timpson’s. With ownership of mobile phones so prolific most people would not even think twice about making  a quick phone call using the details from the collar to reinstate a pet with its owner.