Bornean Bear Pigs and Animals


Animals and Bears

The range of animals that are in the world is so diverse most people will never get to see most of the animals in the world. Take for example bears.  We have all heard of giant pandas, grizzly bears and if asked to draw a picture we could probably do them justice. But what about The Florida Cave Bear or Bergman’s bear.  The variety of one species alone is so great that unless you spend your life following bears then it will just be the well-known ones that you remain familiar with.

For some studying a species can be a life’s work for example Bergman’s Bear was  a bear from the ursinae sub family and was given this name because the zoologist that identified and name this variety was called Sten Bergman. The spectacled bear you would think was named this due to face markings but in fact the Andean Bear as it is sometimes known has markings on its chest which some believe to look like spectacles.

For many children the opportunity to see a rabbit in its natural habitat is low, never mind one of our pre-mentioned bears. So how would for example inner city children have the opportunity to see animals up close and find out a little bit more about them? There are of course the zoo and wildlife parks. Some of these locations may offer opportunities to get up close with some animals. For others animal workshops in schools may provide engagement and inspiration to become the next zoologist to name a bear.

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